Do you think about an efficient support service that could convert medical website traffic into potential leads and ultimately into competent leads? Live chat web service on your website is one such option that can help you in converting your visitors into qualified leads.

Live chat answering service is one of the best ways to enhance your customer service, gets you new patients and support in boosting your practice more effectively.

Patient Communication

Studies prove that 71% of the patients prefer to chat with a live representative rather than making a call. In 2016, it was surveyed that a large section of population makes use of live chat in their everyday lives. If this is the result, then why are you lagging behind just pick up your phone and call our experts to active 24/7 live chat support on your website.

Convert your website traffic into potential leads

This is the fact, 98% of visitors leave your website without any action and now it’s time to make some changes and reduce the communication gap between you and your visitors.

Live chat support providers will engage your visitors just after 10 seconds and lead them to communicate with you. This way enhances the patient/office communication as well as customer service and there is always a probability of creating more opportunities by engaging potential new patients.


Gain Practice Efficiency

On an average, orthodontics, psychiatry, chiropractic, dieticians, nutritionists, dentistry and several online pharmacies miss minimum 40-50 calls per month. The reason of missing these calls is the absence of a live representative to interact with them. With live chat support providers, a front desk staff member handles multiple chats at the same time on your behalf. In this way, not only improves customer service but also helps your office to operate more effectively.

Live chat supporters work dedicatedly to grow your medical practices

We are available 24/7 and 365 days and this way we never miss any visitor on your website and keeps an eye on new patient inquiries. It results in an increase of new patient leads and an extreme perfection in the overall communication and personalization with your visitors.

An online chat service has become a significant need of busy practitioners and therefore outsourced live chat service makes sense that will handle the tasks professionally.