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Live chat supporters offer round the clock support service who address all concerns of your website visitors. Our live chat representatives are well trained in answering queries for the technology department. From software to technical support organizations, we are capable to serve all sections of the industry. If you are interested and looking for the same, then why wait for the days, connect with us today.

Everyone knows nowadays, shoppers prefer to buy products online rather than visiting a store. Imagine the profitability you can bring to your organization by having a live representative to cater the needs your website visitors. We train our experts where they learn professionalism, irrespective of their niche they belong to.

Benefits of chat support service at a glance

We understand your doubts to go with a new service that’s why we offer you 14 days free trial of live chat service for your business website. You can get it integrate on your website and access detailed insight of its varying features. You are restricted to some features and once you go with our paid service, we assign you a dedicated account manager for your organization. With this service, the chances of your lead generation go up to 300% and an expert get a chance to bring your visitor to an end goal.

Our live chat agents have immense experience and we keep on recruiting new agents and make them competent, prepare them to get ready to complete the tasks. Once you make this service active on your business website, you get a complete detailed report of a chat handled by our live representative.

Along these lines, you are able to get the rate of number of chats handled per day along with its duration and get total number of chats you receive per day, a personalized report and much more. If you wish you can email complete transcript of your chat, once it gets complete.

If you wish to go for a free trial, get in touch with us today and know more and overall procedure to handle visitors on your website.

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